To interact with the  world toward the construction of fair, united and lasting societies.

In the context of globalization of exchanges (for property, peoples and informations), in a world moving quite fast, in societies sapped by exacerbation of différences and sentiment of nationalism and ethnic separatism. Education on internationnal citizenship must lead everyone, child, teenager, adult, to better understand those actual problematics that we are all facing (environnemental situation, wealth inequality between north and south, acces to quality education, etc.) and to understand the stakes of it.

Without making guilty, it is more about to arouse critical thinking skills, to go along in a discover of others, the world, of its complexity and its interrelations that apply to it.

The project is involved in this education on internationnal citizenship approach as a window open to the world.


Interculturality as source of progress

The intercultural experience is, the opportunity to learn, to discover, to share, and to enrol a refléxion and a progression toward peace and tolerance.

  • It's overstepping apprehension of unknown, by learning to know each other, to know others and the world.
  • It's overstepping prejudice and stereotype that we often match with populations that we know the least and often in a wrong way.
  • It is the bet of mutual enrichment in shared action. It is to believe in each individuals wealth and to have the conviction that sharing knowledges and skills is source of progress for everyone.


Children Youth Organizations at the heart of the project

To choose childhood and youth is not tripling. it's considering education and respect of children's right as a start, allowing everyone to discover, to shape the personality and to act in a free and responsible way.

So far, spaces to share and exchange around those thematics remain still too few, it is then important to heighten this dynamic of sensibilisation and meeting as for stakeholders and children and youth.


Main Objective :

    • To contribute to education on internationnal citizenship.
    • To consider diversity as an opportunity of enrichment and unique and remarkable development.

Specifics Objectives :

    • Meet and exchange with different international partners, through the world trip with one step for each organizations met.
    • Create a website, concrete and accessible exchange space for everyone.
    • Appropriation of the projet by different public to arouse creation of news actions around interculturality.


The OWIWO project must be a lever to encourage creation of projects coming from child leader, youth and everyone related to children youth organizations, in France and aboard. By availaibility of educationnal and methodological tools, by advises and possibilities to exchange with the different children youth organizations in France and aboard.