OUr world is changing : multiculturalism, mondialisation, economic crisis…

Faced with those changes and their impact on our society, it is essential to find and exchange keys of compréhension and way of acting, and this since the earliest childhood.

It is what we put forward with OWIWO.

From october 2013, we will met and cooperate with children youth organizations on 7 countries and during one year : Marocco, Guinea Conakry, Italia, Bolivia, Quebec, Indonésia and Roumania. Our ambition is to be the most objective as possible by travelling in the North and in the South, and on 4 continents.

Though observation and exchange over there, we will be able to share and broadcast those "keys of compréhension » : Creation of a description form on organisations, workshops (drawning, pictures) around représentations and influences of youth, a educationnal and playful animation booklet available, etc.

The website will allow every one, as an educator, a volonteer, a kid, to live the Owiwo adventure and find ressources to learn and get to know better a part of the world that surround us.

It is by this approach, education on international citzenship, that we hope to bring a collective thought and to propose a positive approach on interculturality and diversity.




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