Our partner in Indonesia is the organization "LP4Y" _ Life Project for Youth, in Jakarta

www.lp4y.org and www.lp4y.tv


" LP4Y targets excluded Young Adults living in extreme poverty. They may have grown up on the streets or in prison, they may be victims of violence, of sexual abuse, they may be handicapped, but all these Young Adults share a common desire: the desire to transform their lives. Their past suffering has made them particularly resourceful, competitive and intuitive; invaluable qualities if they are to participate in a joint project and to realize their own dreams for the future.”

" Life Project 4 Youth’s mission is to facilitate the social and professional insertion of excluded Young Adults living in extreme poverty, anywhere in the world."

When we were there we proposed to the three centers open in Jakarta workshops around interculturality and world discovery.

You will find below the presentation of each center and the activities we have realized.


LP4Y training centers are open near precarious location in Jakarta (dumps, landfill site, etc.) They welcome youth from 17 to 24 years old. Each center is different and offer for the practical part home made products to sell.




Center of Semper - "Mosaik"


This center is located in the district of Semper, it opened few months ago. The youth in training are between 17 and 21 years old.

From Monday to Friday they come to the center to receive a professional integration training.

For several months, the youth go over learning step such as traineeship, orientation, responsibility and autonomy.

To put into practice, they decided to sell cakes and fruits juices in different places in Jakarta.

Presentation of the center on  LP4Y website:


For one week, we were in this center with the youth.

We proposed workshops around interculturality and world discoveryon representations, cultural diversity in our dailylife, and different world music. We also initiated the youth to the technique of animation movie.


Center of Senen - "Tumbuh Healthy Corner"


This center is located in the district of Senen, they welcome young mother that learn the different step leading to profesional integration.

Between informatic lectures, english lecture and else, they also prepare homemade jam, that they have created and they sell it to different places in Jakarta.


Presentation of the center on  LP4Y website:



During one week we exchanged with this young mothers through different workshops:

We talked about interculturality; representations, cultural diversity in our dailylife, and different world music

On another part, we worked on interlearning. Each mother could then learn and highlight her personal knowledge and teach the group.

Those exchanges were also very nice for us too, we learned many news things on very good receipies from indonesia, how to make recycled shoes,the health of the body, indonesian movies, and one song.


Center of Bantar Gebang


This center is the third one to open its doors in Jakarta. In May, the youth have started the training in a small room before having the real center opened officially in June.

The center was established near the big dumpsite of Jakarta, this in order to give the opportunity to the youth that live there to have access to the training proposed by LP4Y.


Today they start to prepare their own project that will permit them to put into practice their knowledge. They have chosen the theme of Ecology, by using the dumpsite as a way to sensibilize group of people on different aspect as recycling, compost, etc.

In the long term, they plan to open a small restaurant with eventually a small garden to offer organics vegetables to their visitors.

Presentation of the center on  LP4Y website:


Our workshops in this center were mainly about Ecology.

We spoke about many subjects, their nowadays issues, consequences and solutions that lead to work in an ecology field. We introduced the recycling process, agroecology, seeds process, and a square garden.

All the exchanges with the overmotivated youths were also very rich for us. And thanks to them we also reinforced our knowledges on this subject during the workshops.


Autre partenaire:




This organization open classes in precarious districts of Jakarta (dumpsite, slums, etc.), by offering to the kids free lectures of math and english, twice a week.

By putting Education in the center of their approach, they wish to reduce the removal from school, reinforce the self confidence, and help the kids to improve their results in school.


Philippe Donzé is the President and Founder of the organization;
Tiwi is the project manager and teacher ;

And several volunteers are here to teach in the different classes.



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