Each country file will be fullfil during and after the meeting with children and youth organisations.
Then do not hesitate to visit regularly the website to follow the world tour!!!

The Children and Youth Organizations met aboard will be leisure centre, orphanages, district centers, etc. all our international partners have integrated the OWIWO project in order to exchange on education on international citizenship and interculturality.

Around those two themes, we will etablish with each organization an information sheet in order to define the course of action when we met. All actions that will be set on the field, will be direct to this tool, in order to built coherent exchanges and allow despite all, a certain flexibility. Secondly, we will be on the field for about one month and a half, for each organization, which will allow us to create a description form in order to know better and better disclose the structure, its fonctioning, its wishes, and projects.

In the same time we will propose pedagogical actions based on different themes named previously. Those last will be listed before the departure by thematic (education, ecology, health, geography, etc.) and by type (workshop, games, scenes, etc.). The  organizations partners will have the possibility to take over those actions, by adpatating them to their own culture, geographic situation, etc.

This exchange must allow to highlight the wealth of each organization, through interactions with organizations partners in France (cf Owiwo  partners) and all actions realized will be upload on the Owiwo website.