Children and youth of the world evolve nowadays in societies shaped by adults. Those last are not always able to deal with all the changes that occured. We can then ask ourself what is the feeling of children in a world constently changing? How do they react faced with social inequalities, wealth inequality between north and south, globalization and what it leads to, like wasted wealth, etc.

We must continue to give to children comprehensive keys of the world. The sens of humanity is constantly flouted by what we call racism, discrimination, exclusion that strenghten intolerance.

What's hiding behind non respect of others ? Quite often, prejudices, and stereotypes carry by strong influences like world history, disinformation, etc.

During the world tour, we wish to collect the opinion of children, youth and adult met, in order to discover through their univers their representations and influences on the world that they are part of. The interest of this approach is to work in a collaborative way on interculturals phenomenons.

Several pedagological tools are actually relevant and available by others organizations. Through our travel, we wish to continue to get to know those tools, to complete it and eventually to create new one. Because if i don't know the wealth that carry each individual, i have to go see that person and ask him/her.


And concretly ?

« Drawn your country and the world »

This instruction was given to children in leisure centres, aged between 6 and 13 years old.

The purpose here is to put forward individuals disparities regarding representations. First of all out of leisure centres, from school and then at a mondial scale during the world tour.

Through those draws we become aware that a country is not always represented by a map, and the world by a globe. Representations are based on imaginary, that is  built with personnal knowledges but also with social representations pass on by various influences (family, friend, medias, school, etc.).

Each draw tell something, that's why we asked the children to explain what they have drawn.


To look at all the pictures :

 In France :

In Marocco :

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In Indonesia :

In Roumania:

VIDEOWIWO - Words of kids...

The last video made with the youth of the highschool Spiru Haret, in Roumania, Buzau.
They participate to the intercultural exchanges and present you a bit of their own culture.....

Enjoy and do not hesitate to add your impressions on the forum!

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